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Computer Room Fire Suppression -- computer security, fire extinguisher, fire extinguishers, fire prevention, computer room fire suppression, fire fighting, fire protection, fire alarm systems, fire engineering, fire control, systems, equipment, devices, products, suppression
Computer Room Fire Suppression -- Fire Alarms, Fire Prevention, Fire Suppression, Fire Extinguishers
A unique Fire Suppression and Control System for use in Data Centers, NOC's, Server Farms and Computer Rooms
Computer Room Fire Suppression -- Fire suppression equipment and systems for use in computer room fire contol and protection.

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Aero-K® generators represent a dramatic advancement in fire protection systems over Alternative, Halon, Carbon dioxide, Dry chemical, and Water systems. It is environmentally friendly, both non-toxic and non-corrosive (even in the presence of high humidity). It is the most cost effective fire suppression system available. It requires no expensive installation of pressure vessels, pipe work, or extensive manpower to install. Once installed, this automatic computer room fire suppression system is on guard 24 hours a day to protect your computer data and equipment.
What is it?
Aero-K® generators use a patented design and are manufactured in a USA ISO9002 facility, using a unique potassium based Aerosol using pyrotechnic-based chemistry: the Aerosol generators are virtually maintenance free and have a guaranteed shelf life of over 10 years. Each unit is self contained which produces a fire suppression aerosol stream when activated.
How does it work?
Upon detection of a fire, Aero-K® generators can be activated either manually or electrically from a suitable releasing device. The generator produces an exceptionally effective, ultra-fine, potassium based aerosol. Unlike gaseous systems, which operate at pressure, aerosol fire prevention generators are very cost effective to install and maintain. They do not require the pressure vessels, piping or expensive installation costs associated with other extinguishing systems. Space and weight requirements are minimal.
On an fire suppression agent weight basis, the aerosol is ten times more effective than gaseous agent alternatives. The Aero-K® generator’s effectiveness is a function of its patented design, aerosol composition, and ultra-fine particle size. Fire suppression is rapidly achieved through interference between the ultra-fine aerosol particulate and the flame’s free radicals - terminating propagation of the fire.
Aero-K® generators are virtually maintenance free and have a shelf life of over 10 years. Coupled to the very low installation cost, this makes them an extremely cost effective fire protection solution.
5 times as effective as Halon
Utilizes pyrotechnic-based chemistry
Primary Suppression mechanism is chemical interference with free radicals of flame
Rapid suppression with minimal amount of agent
Environmentally friendly - uses a clean agent - no global warning potential
Will not harm electronic equipment or magnetic tape
Easy clean up - can normally be vented quickly from the room
Flexible - available in size from 100 gram through 2500 gram
Suitable for class A, B, C and hazardous fire
Typical Application:
Due to their fast response time, low fire extinguishing concentration, and environmental safety, Aero-K® Aerosol generators may be widely used in critical applications across a wide range of industries. These fire prevention aerosol generators are currently protecting and are suitable for use in:

- Computer Rooms
- Network Operations Centers
- Telecommunications facilities
- Process control rooms
- Marine engine rooms and machinery spaces
- High value mobile equipment
- General industrial hazards
- Data processing facilities
- Storage vaults
- Flammable liquid storage areas
- Turbine enclosures
- Power plants
- Warehouses
- Small boats
- Aircraft engines

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